Willamette Leadership Academy (WLA) is a military-charter school that is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. We are located in Veneta, Oregon. We provide intervention and educational services to middle and high school students. WLA currently draws students from Lane, Linn, Douglas and Benton counties.

Many of the students come to WLA because they were unable to maintain their academic standing in other schools and/or they had behavioral issues. We help them recover their academic standing, learn effective leadership skills, and develop good character traits. We also help them develop social and life skills. Students become more successful in school and improve their relationships with others. Our primary concern is how much effort they are willing to put into changing for their future, not where they came from.

Funding for WLA is obtained by having students in the classroom, monetary donations, and donations of goods or services. We are seeking grants and donations locally to help sustain some of our programs.

Our 1200 Campaign is a great opportunity for you to show your support for WLA and our community. What we are asking for is a monetary donation to aid in the cost of running our school. Your contribution will be used to enrich the lives of our students. Your contribution is also tax deductible, which makes the 1200 Campaign a benefit for everyone.

Would you like to support our mission and vision?

All PYCO schools and programs are not for profit (501 c 3) projects and rely on the support of the general public for much of their funding. Given the services we provide many of our students require additional academic services and a majority of our families fall within the low income range. Your support would be used for a variety of purposes including uniform and equipment scholarships, textbooks and academic materials, training and special education projects, and other needs of the students and program. If you would like your donation to go to a specific need please indicate that and your funds will be used for that purpose.

Annually; Willamette Leadership Academy conducts our 1200 Campaign. This is our annual campaign to develop 1200 supporters who will donate $100.00 each to support the mission and vision of the program. If you would like to donate $100.00, or any amount you wish you may use the donate button located on the upper right corner of the page.