Willamete Leadership Academy 

The Willamette Leadership Academy and the Pioneer Youth Corps of Oregon are 501 c 3 non-profit organizations. WLA is accredited through the NAAS and Oregon Dept of Education. All teachers are highly qualified and certified. All the PYCO Academies are recognized as TIER-ONE schools by the US Armed Forces
  What is Willamette Leadership academy?

Willamette Leadership Academy is an intervention and education organization that provides academic and leadership training programs to middle and high school aged students who for a variety of reasons. Many students have been unsuccessful in the more traditional school setting.

Why do we need a program like Willamette Leadership Academy?

President Lincoln said, "The philosophy of the schoolroom today will be the philosophy of the government tomorrow". That being true then it stands to reason that we should do everything possible to teach a philosophy that includes not only academics but good character and social skills. We help students recover their academic standing, learn effective leadership skills, and develop social and life skills. Students become more successful in school and improve their relationships with others.
  Why is Willamette Leadership Academy different from other schools?

WLA assigns two uniformed paid staff members in each class or company. One is a primary instructor, the other is an assistant. The assistant is on site to address conduct issues, while the other teaches. We expect students to carry at least a 2.0 gpa. We reinforce positive changes by giving promotions and awards based on behavior and academic achievements.
  Who attends WLA?

Willamette Leadership Academy is open to all middle and high school students who are ready to meet the challenge of a highly structured and teamwork oriented school. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, home environments, ethnicities and financial situations. Our Primary concern is how much effort they are willing to put into changing for their future, not where they came from.
  A Brief History..

PYCO opened in 1993 as an after school program. Within the first two years it became obvious that the idea was needed and PYCO soon developed units in Medford, Cottage Grove, Eugene and Salem. We grew to almost 350 students and volunteer staff. We soon received request's to add academic services and in 1996 PYCO developed an after school tutoring program. This program was staffed by local college students and volunteers who helped students with homework, conducted testing and taught study skills. They also instructed classes in basic math and language arts. This worked well but we could not sustain this level of service financially. It also became obvious that our students needed more academic support. In 1997 PYCO developed and alternative education program. In 2000 PYCO was one of the first 5 year charter schools to open. In 2003 PYCO moved from Eugene to Veneta under the Fern Ridge School District and opened Willamette Leadership Academy. Willamette Leadership Academy has now moved in the old Goshen Elementary School and is now chartered with the Springfield School District.

Willamette Leadership Academy currently serves 3 counties and has a current enrollment of 227 students. WLA employs 31 staff members and have been able to purchase our own buses to better serve the community. In 2009 WLA was granted another 5 year charter with the Fern Ridge School District. We have had many students go on to college and serve in the armed forces. One of our students received a $64,000.00 scholarship for college. Our program has been serving the local community for over 17 years. In 2012 Willamette Leadership Academy moved into the Goshen Elementary School in order to expand.

Accomplish the Mission!