Willamete Leadership Academy 

News and Events

Announcing Our New Addition
  2nd Battalion (Middle School) has joined the WLA family for the 2013-2014 school year. The school is located at: 91166 Sunderman Rd. We have room for more 6th and 7th graders.
School Closures
  For up to date School Closure/Delay information, go here. Once on the site click Eugene on the map, then Private & Charter Schools, and finally Willamette Leadership Academy. If we are having a school closure or delay, the information will appear there.
Take a look at our newsletter
  We are excited about our newsletter and we want to share this information with you. We will update you with all the latest information regarding our school. If you would like to view the latest copy of our newsletter please click here.
Take a look at our first student run, online newsletter and blog
  We are excited about our first student run newsletter & blog and we want to share this information with you. If you would like to view it please click here.
Willamette Leadership Academy Starts Study Hall Program
  WLA offers an after school study hall program. The program will run Tuesday thru Thursday from 1530 hours until 1700 hours. and will run as long as there are students who need or want help. There will be no transportation to get your student home. You must be able to pick your student up at the school by 1700 hours. There is a consent form which needs to be signed in order to attend that can be found here: Study Hall Consent Form
"Students Help Noti Resident Cleanup" By Angela Brauer
  NOTI, Ore. (KMTR) - Homeowners are working to recover after major flooding from a nearby creek and some are receiving help from military students. Read full story here. Reported by Angela Brauer of KMTR. We are very proud of our students!!
Get Behind the Scenes
  Get a behind-the-scenes point of view from one of our students. You can watch the video on Youtube here.